10 Music Tracks To Listen To Before You Listen to them again from the heavens

I was recently approached by Hong Kong-based Jennifer @arockmom for her blog at http://therockmom.com/ .

Aside from being a film and TV director and producer, Jennifer’s also an all round cool Texan who loves great music, and she asked me and some other friends to select the one music track that defined our subsequent musical tastes. Check out her above blog to read her fab article, my selection, and her compiled Uber cool playlist.

My entry, and the fact that my wife’s birthday present to me today was an awesome wireless speaker for my Ipad’s playlist meaning it’s got me digging through my music catalog, has made me reflect on the journey my musical tastes have taken through my life. It’s not been a sequential journey; I’ve gone back and forth to different time periods as new and old music has come to my attention. Ultimately, analyzing that journey has made me realize I’m most likely a pretentious geek when it comes to sounds, but hey, so what?!

AND, it has also made me put foolish fingers to keyboard to try to define my inevitably eclectic desert island playlist of ten. Stupid, I know. Music likes and dislikes are wholly subjective. However this is my playlist and I’m willing to publish and be damned…

Here it is…

1. TALK TALK – “Wealth”
2. THIS MORTAL COIL – “Song To The Siren”
3. RADIOHEAD – “Pyramid Song”
4. SIGUR ROS – “Brennisteinn”
5. SWERVEDRIVER – “Rave Down”
6. NINE INCH NAILS – “Gave Up (Remix)”
7. FAITHLESS – “Insomnia”
8. DAVID HOLMES – “I Heard Wonders”
9. UNKLE – “Morning Rage”
10. THE GOD MACHINE – “Purity”

Some of my favorite artists – Led Zeppelin, Bowie, The Clash, Death In Vegas, Fatboy Slim, Fluke, The Future Sound of London, Leftfield, Massive Attack, Mercury Rev, My Bloody Valentine, Neil Young, New Fast Automatic Daffodils, The Orb, Pixies, The Pogues, Primal Scream, R.E.M., Roni Size, Sheep On Drugs, Talking Heads, The Waterboys, Tubeway Army, Underworld – didn’t make it onto my list.

Music’s great like that…

Matthew Dunn

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